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         Early Voting Clerk        Jodi Duck             
300 South Main
Big Spring, Texas 79720

PO Box 1069
Big Spring, Texas 79721

Phone: 432-264-2273
Fax: 432-264-2275

Email: HCVotes@gmail.com or elections@howardcountytx.com


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Request an application by email or phone at

HCVotes@gmail.com or (432)264-2273

Apply for a Ballot by Mail

Ballot by Mail Tracker

Returning your Ballot in Person

Voters may hand deliver their own ballot to the Election Office on Election Day ONLY from 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.  Identification must be provided at the time of delivery.



  • Do not forget to sign the Carrier Envelope
  • You must include the last 4 digits of your social security number or identification number on the Carrier Envelope.  We recommend including both numbers if applicable.

Request an application for Ballot by Mail by email or phone at

Jodiduck.ea@gmail.com or (432)264-2273

Voting by mail? Here are the new state laws for 2022:

  • Voters will now have to provide either their Texas Identification, TXDL, EIC number; OR the last four digits of their Social Security number on both their ballot application and carrier envelope.                             
  • Important Note: Number provided on the application must match your Voter Registration Record.  We recommend putting both numbers, if applicable.
  • Pregnant women expected to give birth within three weeks before or after Election Day may now vote by mail.
  • Voters may now hand deliver their ballot application to the Election Office. (not later than the 11th day before Election Day)


  • **********You have to reapply every year for an annual ballot***********

    Our office is no longer allowed (per the legislature) to mail applications without consent from the voter. EACH voter must request an application themselves or download from below. 

    You may vote early by mail if:

    • You will be away from your county on Election Day and during early voting;
    • You are sick or disabled;
    • You are 65 years of age or older on Election Day; or
    • You are confined in jail, but eligible to vote.

    You can get a formal application for a ballot by mail from:

                          BBM App 5-15e.pdf       BBM App 5-15s.pdf


          Mail to: Early Voting Clerk

                       Jodi Duck

                       PO Box 1069

                       Big Spring, Texas 79721

    If you are voting early because of expected absence, you may apply in person for a ballot by mail before the early “voting in person” period begins (usually the 17th day before the election).

    You can write your own application for a ballot by mail, as long as it contains:

    • Your signature, or a witness’ signature if you cannot sign;
    • Your name and the address at which you are registered to vote;
    • The address to which the ballot is to be mailed;
    • The election date and the election for which you are requesting a ballot (for a primary election, you must state the political party’s primary in which you want to vote); and
    • A reason why you are eligible to vote early by mail. To be eligible to vote early because you expect to be out of the county, your application must state the out-of-county address where you want your ballot mailed.
    • Include Drivers License number and/or last four of Social Security Number

    Your ballot by mail application must be MAILED to the Early Voting Clerk in the county where you are registered to vote. Applications must be received (not postmarked) by last day of the application period. All applications to vote by mail must be received by the early voting clerk no later than 5:00 p.m. Applications to vote by mail must be submitted by mail, common or contract carrier, or fax. The original application MUST be received in four days from fax date.

    Mail ballots can only be hand-delivered by the Voter and only on Election Day with a proper ID.

    You may send in your application for a ballot by mail by:

    • Regular mail;
    • Common or contract carrier; or
    • Fax

    The Early Voting Clerk must receive your marked ballot by 7 p.m. on Election Day or by the 5th day after Election Day if your ballot is submitted from outside the United States.

    (call 264-2273, email HCVotes@gmail.com, or come by for an application)

  • Sample Ballots- November 8, 2022 General and Special Elections

    Voters will need to know their School District and Water District.  (Precincts and Districts are listed on Voter Registration Certificate)

    Precinct ballots are split by these districts.


    BSISD=Big Spring ISD           CISD=Coahoma ISD          FISD=Forsan ISD

    SCISD=Sands CISD                 STISD=Stanton ISD          BCISD=Borden County ISD

    WD1=Howard County Water District 1


                                                             Sample Ballots

    Precincts in the Big Spring ISD -

    Pcts. 11, 12, 12a, 13, 14, 16, 24, 25, 26, 31, 31a, 32, 33, 34, 34a, 35, 41, 42, 45, 46

    All Precincts_Page 1.pdf  BSISD Page 2.pdf


    Precincts in the Coahoma ISD                                 Precincts in the Coahoma ISD & WD1

    Pcts. 205, 207, 404, 408, 409                                    Pcts. 205, 207, 207c, 409

    All Precincts_Page 1.pdf    CISD Page 2.pdf             CISD_WD1 Page 2.pdf


    Precincts in Forsan ISD                                             Precincts in Mitchell Co. for Forsan ISD

    Pcts. 33, 103, 205, 208, 208c, 304                             Pct. 93

    All Precincts_Page 1.pdf   FISD Page 2.pdf              


    Precincts in Sands ISD

    Pcts. 103, 104

    All Precincts_Page 1.pdf   Sands CISD Page 2.pdf


    Precinct in Stanton ISD

    Pct 304

    All Precincts_Page 1.pdf    Stanton ISD Page 2.pdf


    Precincts in Borden County ISD

    Pcts. 104, 405

    All Precincts_Page 1.pdf    Borden County ISD Page 2.pdf

  • All Early voting is conducted at the Howard County Court house located at 300 S Main, Big Spring, Texas.

    Howard County is part of the Vote Center program. You may go to ANY of the locations on Election Day and vote your precinct ballot. Election Day locations are open 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

                November  Election

    Early Voting:  Courthouse - First Floor

           October 24 to November 2      8:00am to 5:00pm

           Extended hour days:  November 3 and November 4      7:00am to 7:00pm

    Election Day:  November 8 2022

         7:00-7:00 at all countywide locations.


  • Countywide Poll Locations

    Any registered voter of Howard County can vote at

    ANY location on ELECTION DAY!!


    Howard County is part of the Vote Center program.  You may go to ANY Howard County locations

    on Election Day and vote your precinct ballot. 

    Election Day locations are open 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.  No voting is held at the courthouse on Election Day.

    Ryan Hall/St. Thomas Church
    605 North Main Street

    First Baptist Church
    705 W. FM 700

    Dorothy Garrett Coliseum
    1001 Birdwell Lane

    Coahoma Community Center
    306 North Avenue
    Coahoma, TX 79511


    (Only for FISD/Mitchell County Registered Voters)
    Mitchell County Courthouse
    349 Oak St, Colorado City, TX 79512

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